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Dragonflight Dreams

New Venture: Dragonflight Dreams

Since no creative soul can flourish on art-for-clients alone, I’ve been exploring alternate creative outlets, and I think I’ve found one that suits. I’ve taken up screen printing – specifically, screen printing on clothing. Screen printing intrigued me because it can have a range of looks (rough and sketchy, to crisp and clean), and was something I could try myself without having to pay for fancy art classes or massive equipment. And it lends itself easily to both experimentation, and repetition – so when I find a design that I like and that works, I can use it again and again, in different colors, on whatever I want. I’m pretty excited about it. And, as a bonus, since I’ll print on way more pieces of clothing than I can wear myself, I can put the extras up for sale. Ideally, it’ll turn into a fun, nifty little side business.

Anywho, check it out.