Welcome to the New Look!

Posted September 23rd, 2011 in News and tagged , , by Amanda Cobb

You may have noticed we’ve had a bit of a redecorating and rearranging here. It took a few weeks (ok, months) of snatching little bits of free time to actually work on my own stuff, but it is finally done and up and here and live. Hurray! My identity standard retains the same motifs (the green, the swashes in the background, logo, fonts, etc.), but this new system integrates the blog with the rest of my site, rather than having them separate as they were before. Yup, it’s ALL run on the WordPress CMS now. Sure, I know programming and can do updates by hand-coding everything and then uploading… but this is SO much faster, and I don’t have to be on a computer with an FTP program in order to do it. Heck, since I have an iPhone now and the WordPress app, I can update from ANYWHERE. This is pretty exciting, and should also result in more consistent blogging – no more months between posts!

I’ve checked pretty thoroughly for anything wonky in the new system and design and it should all be a-ok, but if you DO happen to see anything broken or not working, please let me know so I can get it fixed. Thanks!