PLEASE NOTE: I do not do any animation, design in Office programs (which are not design programs), programming in Flash or programming with e-commerce or shopping carts. I am also not an illustrator, photographer, app developer, or pusher-of-mouse-while-you-look-over-my-shoulder.


Things I’d Like to Design for You

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  • Branding : logos & identity collateral
  • Books & Magazines : book covers, magazine covers & layout
  • Promotions : invitations, menus, posters
  • WordPress Website Design : setup, theme customization


Clients/Industries I’d Like to Work For

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” — Steve Jobs

I’d take it a step further and say you can’t love what you do if you don’t love who you’re doing it for – or at least I’ve found that to be true for myself and design. It’s one of those lessons that’s taken me awhile to learn in my career. So here are the kinds of clients and industries I’d love to do design work for, because I’m already interested in and excited about them:
  • Artisans & Crafters: Etsy shop owners & other small handmade businesses
  • Arts: theaters, galleries, arts organizations & events
  • Bloggers: lifestyle, books, food, fashion, writing, music
  • Event Planners: weddings, parties
  • Food: restaurants, bakeries, coffeeshops, cookbook authors
  • Local Businesses & Festivals
  • Nonprofits whose causes I support
  • Publishing: novels, magazines, coffee table books
  • Retail: women’s clothing/accessories, jewelry, books, movies
  • Wellness: chiropractors, massage therapy, yoga/pilates

If your particular industry or business isn’t on that list, does that mean I won’t work with you? Not at all! Maybe your service or product is a thing I’m not familiar with yet but can totally get behind. Maybe it’s something completely new, or something that’s slipped my mind when making up this list. It doesn’t hurt to drop me a line.